Bombardier designed the original Challenger 601 with the primary goal of passenger comfort. It is unusually wide-bodied and can carry up to nineteen passengers in its 8.2 foot wide cabin, yet it has transcontinental range, and is able to complete nonstop flights between almost any two cities in the United States. The 601 series has improved immensely over the 600, with a more reliable flight system and increased maintainability. The 601-1A iteration signifies the use of General Electric CF43-1A engines and drag reducing winglets. As previously mentioned, the cabin of this private jet is uncharacteristically large: its width is 8.2 feet, and its height is 6.1 feet. Cabin length is 28.3 feet. Passengers enjoy a quiet interior and well-lit cabin. It usually has a seating configuration that comfortably holds between eight and twelve people, but can be configured to carry as many as nineteen. The Challenger 601-1A can hit a top cruise speed of 459 knots; however, it is more often used for long-range trips, where it cruises at 424 knots. The aircraft cruises (long-range) at mach .74. Its performance is surprisingly high considering that the cabin is larger than most other jets.

Technical Specifications

Seats8-11 Seats
Height6 ft 1 in
Width8 ft 2 in
Length28 ft 3 in
Range3,380 nm
ManufacturerBombardier Aerospace
Speed459 knots
Max Altitude41,000 ft.
Baggage115 cu ft

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