The Falcon 2000LX series is a reduced size, twin-engine version of the popular 900 line. Dassault claimed a niche in the aircraft market when it introduced the original 2000 as a wide-body jet. The 2000LX aircraft boasts the same wide fuselage as the 900, but 6 ft shorter and with shorter range. Dassault received certification of the first Falcon 2000 in 1995, while the LX derivative was certified just last year. The 2000LX features modified wings and blended winglets, which allow increased climb performance and range.The Falcon 2000LX’s biggest advantage over competitors and even predecessors is its application of winglets to the design frame. While the LX enjoys the same airfoil wing and span increase of the EX, engineers increased it even more to make room for the winglets. Designed by Aviation Partners, the winglets alone increase the LX’s range by 200 nautical miles from the EX. The 2000LX can cover 4,000 nautical miles, with eight passengers, on the same amount of fuel and thrust that it takes the EX to cover 3,800 nautical miles. Winglets also allow the jet to climb directly to FL410 in a fleeting 18 minutes. For one minor modification, these numbers are significant.

Technical Specifications

Seats10 Seats
Height6 ft 2 in
Width7 ft 7 in
Length26 ft 2 in
Range4,000 nm
ManufacturerDassault Aviation
Speed470 knots
Max Altitude47,000 ft.
Baggage131 cu ft

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