Short flight, long flight, or both. The 2000S can do what others can’t and saves you time doing it. In addition to the Mach .84 cruise speed, the 2000S lets you hop from Shanghai to Hangzhou to pick up team members before taking a long jump to Singapore – without stopping to refuel. You can also hop from Shenzhen to Hong Kong and then fly without refueling to Mumbai. A huge advantage when time is important – and a value proposition that pays for itself many times over. The Falcon 2000S gives you access to challenging airports worldwide like Lhasa, Kunming, London City, Chicago Executive, Saanen, and St Moritz. With its certified altitude of 47,000 ft and its power to climb directly to 41,000 ft, the Falcon 2000S takes you above most traffic and weather. And it can fly 3,350 nm nonstop. Due to its excellent short field capabilities, you can take off and land at smaller, more convenient airports.

Technical Specifications

Seats10 Seats
Height6 ft 2 in
Width7 ft 8 in
Length26 ft 2 in
Range3,350 nm
ManufacturerDassault Aviation
Speed470 knots
Max Altitude47,000 ft.
Baggage124 cu ft

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