The Gulfstream G-150 is quickly becoming a favorite in the mid-size market. With the longest range at the fastest speed, an advanced avionics suite, and the most comfortable cabin, the G-150 provides the most value in its class. Through the use of high thrust, fuel efficient Honeywell TFE731-40AR engines, combined with numerous aerodynamic improvements, the Gulfstream G150 is the fastest mid-sized business aircraft in the world today. The G-150 started breaking speed records even before it went into service. A G-150 test aircraft established a city-pair speed record on a flight from Tel Aviv to Geneva. It’s max range is 3,000 nautical miles with 4 passengers. It’s long range cruise speed is 475 knots. It is capable of doing coast-to-coast trips.

Technical Specifications

Seats7 Seats
Height5 ft 9 in
Width5 ft 9 in
Length17 ft 8 in
Range3,000 nm
ManufacturerGulfstream Aerospace
Speed475 knots
Max Altitude45,000 ft.
Baggage80 cu ft

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