Beechjet’s first showed up on the radar in 1985, when the company purchased the design of the Diamond II executive jet from Mitsubishi. A year later, Beech announced production of the Beechjet 400, and finally the 400A in 1989. In production for 17 years (1986-2003), Beech built 421 of the 400 and 400A aircraft before eventually being acquired by Raytheon. However, the Beechjet series, namely the 400A, remains a strong and successful competitor in the entry-level business jet market. The 400A can travel 1,500 nautical miles at a speed of mach 0.78. Its maximum speed is 446 knots, another improvement from its predecessor. The 400A has a maximum payload of 2,172 lbs and a maximum flight ceiling of 45,000 feet. 53 cubic feet of baggage space is an additional amenity. The cabin of the 400A is more spacious thanks to the aforementioned refinements. Carrying 7 or 8 passengers and a crew of two, the interior dimensions measure: 15.6 ft long, 4.8 ft high and 4.9 ft wide. Passengers enjoy fully berthable seats that swivel up to 180 degrees.

Technical Specifications

Seats6-8 Seats
Height4 ft 8 in
Width4 ft 9 in
Length15 ft 6 in
Range1,200 nm
ManufacturerHawker Beechcraft
Speed442 knots
Max Altitude45,000 ft.
Baggage53 cu ft

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