Originating from the 1962 de Havilland DH.125 medium-sized corporate jet, the Hawker Beechcraft 750 is a light-to-midsize jet based on the 800 model. The Hawker 750 has more baggage space and a larger cabin than its predecessor, even claimed as the largest cabin in the class by Hawker. Like the entire Hawker family, the aircraft upholds the company’s high reliability and performance standards. Deliveries of the Hawker 750 began in 2008. The Hawker 750’s biggest advantage is in its cabin, a fuselage-stretch modification first enjoyed by the -800 series. The cabin measures 21.3 feet-long, 5.7 feet-high and 6 feet wide, almost comparable to the class above. This space is plenty big to accommodate seven or eight passengers, a forward galley, a roomy lavatory, and a closet and baggage compartment. (The aircraft has a total of 79 cubic feet of baggage storage.) For even more amenities, the cabin comes equipped with the Airshow 21 cabin management system, providing user-friendly, LCD screens at every seat and VIP control of cabin temperature, light and entertainment systems. Superior travel is inevitable in the Hawker 750’s cabin. The Hawker 750 is capable of 2,116 nautical miles with four passengers. Although inferior to its predecessor, engineers sacrificed range for better runway performance. The ventral fuel tank is removed in the 750 and replaced with an external, heated baggage compartment.

Technical Specifications

Seats7-8 Seats
Height5 ft 9 in
Width6 ft
Length21 ft 3 in
Range2,200 nm
ManufacturerHawker Beechcraft
Speed477 knots
Max Altitude41,000 ft.
Baggage79 cu ft

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