The Learjet 40’s cabin is, to the pleasure of its marketing department, the biggest of its class. It stretches to a length of 17.7 feet, a width of 5.1 feet, and a height of 4.9 feet, totaling a cabin volume of 363 cubic feet. There are seats available for seven passengers, and baggage compartments that can store 65 cubic feet of baggage. The Learjet 40 also outperforms the competition while in the air. Its long range cruise speed is 428 knots, but can cruise as fast as 457 knots. It can fly up to 1,600 nautical miles nonstop and take off in 4,330 feet at high altitudes. Its runway capabilities at sea level are less than 3,400 pounds. Even when loaded to its maximum takeoff weight of 20,350 pounds, it can take off in just 4,250 feet from a sea level runway. Despite the high speeds of the Learjet 40, its fuel consumption remains relatively economical due to an aerodynamic design (cutting down on drag) and two fuel-efficient Honeywell TFE731-20AR-1B engines.

Technical Specifications

Seats6-7 Seats
Height4 ft 9 in
Width5 ft 1 in
Length17 ft 7 in
Range1,600 nm
ManufacturerBombardier Aerospace
Speed457 knots
Max Altitude47,000 ft.
Baggage65 cu ft

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