The Premier 1A is exactly the same as the Premier 1. The only difference is an increase in power and range. The Premier 1A has a range of 1,500 nautical miles. Anytime an aircraft manufacturer updates the older version it always involves, new avionics, new engines and less weight. The Premier 1A has all of those. The fuselage of the Premier 1A is made of a high-strength carbon fiber/epoxy honeycomb composite. It is lightweight, simple to manufacture, and almost never needs repairs. The thinness of the fuselage is the reason for the cabin’s spaciousness.

Technical Specifications

Seats6 Seats
Height5 ft 4 in
Width5 ft 5 in
Length13 ft 5 in
Range1,200 nm
ManufacturerRaytheon/Hawker Beechcraft
Speed450 knots
Max Altitude41,000 ft.
Baggage77 cu ft

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